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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Oxford Pocket Book of Ass.

Starting today The Adventures of Phillip Hitech are proud to bring you the first in our serialisation of 'The Oxford Pocket Book of Ass'. You will not find this exclusive anywhere else! No, really, you won't.

Originally conceived as a coffee table edition 'The Big Coffee Table Book of Ass' became pocket sized amid fear of law suits concerning spilt Latte incidents.

Now a handy size for the quick and easy identification of Ass this book is a must for any gay Manbag, pocket or even carrier bag if you're a tramp.
The Oxford Pocket Book of Ass

1. Assus Bubbleous. First discovered in 1765 by Lord Nelson (possibly) this Ass has gone on to produce some of the world's most intricate stools; the largest of which was reformed to create the land of Scotland. An Ass such as this is susceptible to a condition known as 'Bubble-Butt'. Those mounting a Bubble-Butt should be wary as it may burst at any second leading to flash Cock Burns.


Anonymous stella rimmington said...

I see Stella Rimmington has brought out her own book based on her experiences in the shady world of clandestine bummery.
'Secret Arses' is available from any high street shop priced at £half past eleven.


Anonymous Mrs C Elizabeth Cavanagh (Mrs) said...

I'm a lady but I like to carry a gay manbag to put my johnnys in, this will be a useful guide to have with me.


Anonymous Brian Clague said...

I don't own a manbag, but I do drive a blue Nissan Micra...should I be eating cock?


Anonymous new riter said...

hey manny wossup. dunno wot u fink but ave a look m8.-


Anonymous Salty McNabb said...

I need a proper cocker stopper after looking at that. If only such a thing existed.


Anonymous Will self said...

My wife has a very similar arse and is happy for me to park my bike up it. If anyone would like to purchase photos of this meet me behind Tesco's anytime between 12 and 1. I will be wearing a large coat.



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