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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Star of the Month: Leonard Nimoy!

Those born under the star of Leonard Nimoy will find everything becoming highly illogical on the 23rd.

This feeling will increase in intensity until finally you are unable to comprehend the illogical nature of the universe.

You will accidentally deconstruct your own reality and reason for existence on the 29th.

Leonard Nimoy is a Water sign and as such those born within his influence will regularly piss themselves at social events.

Your lucky number is illogical.

WARNING: Astromological readings provided by Russell 'Maximus Cuntus' Crowe.


Anonymous leonard nimoy said...

This is all highly illogical.


Anonymous Edgton Eton Smythe said...

When is 'Well Fuck Me' going to make a welcome return you FuckMonkey.


Anonymous noel edmunds said...

I am not gay



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