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Friday, June 01, 2007

Star of the month: Little & Large!

Those born within the twin influence of Little and Large will find themselves attacked by sudden and violent flatulence this month. This will be to such a degree that simultaneous launch into earth's outer orbit will be achieved.

Anyone who knows their beans when it comes to Astromological readings will be aware that such is the power of Little and Large that they rule over both the month of May and June.

Those born within these times will be blessed with the power of ass and will find they have sexual leanings towards retarded ginger people.

Beware of flids in big fuck off electric chairs on the 17th.

Warning: Astromological readings provided by Russell 'I'll beat you to within an inch of your life' Crowe.


Anonymous Nigel Havers said...

Lorks O Lordy! Where can I purchase a cheap spacesuit?


Anonymous ron jeremy said...

I've got one you can buy. It's heavily soiled but you're welcome to it. I won't be back on Earth until at least 2039 though.


Anonymous bruce willis said...

I've got the one I wore in Armaggedon if you want it. It is also heavily soiled.


Blogger George Belloe said...

Hullo! Thought I'd return the favour for Manny, who is a fucking thoroughly bloody good eh? Russell Crowe.......Little and Large..yes, yes, I remember those cunts.


Blogger George Belloe said...

Manny..don't forget that tape that Winston doesn't know we fimed eh?


Anonymous tom hanks said...

I've been a deluxe cunt in mine since I filmed Apollo 13 or whatever the fuck it was. Cuntism plays tricks on


Anonymous Shirley Temple said...

I have a rather spacious chute if that helps any?


Anonymous Ian pian said...

I got run over by a flid in a big fuck off electric chair on the 16th. This reading is so innacurate. What bullshit are you feeding us.



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