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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Phillip Hitech theme tune

After losing several fingers and a small portion of my bell end in the tape machine, the Phillip Hitech theme tune is once again working. Just press play. Enjoy the aural sensations created by the mysterious Son of Spam.


Anonymous Ian Pian said...

I tried to enjoy the stated oral sensations of this Son of Spam fellow but found that once I had inserted my penis into my personal computer I suffered a massive electrical shock. Now I can pick up FM radio on my fillings. It's great!


Anonymous steve chester, lady molester said...

I tried the same thing and now I have to push my legs around in a shopping trolley. Not so great.


Anonymous tony maloney said...

You think you got it bad, I actually managed to listen to it and it gave me Hermans of the Mantrap. Now I am employed by the Department of Beducation in Leicester. It's horrible.


Anonymous charlton heston said...

Am I correct in thinking that the Son of Spam smells of spunk? Would someone confirm this for me.


Blogger Manny Kulkowski said...

Yes he does although with a slight undertone of fresh pine.


Blogger George Belloe said...

Hullo, Manny I think its remarkable how Winstons corpse gets animated enough to write articles, its like Mary Shelley! Well done!


Blogger Manny Kulkowski said...

It takes a complicated system of Manimatronics operated by 15 mid-sized midgets just to get his bent lady finger working. We're working on a more efficient system possibly powered by cheese and monkeys. Watch this space.



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