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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Star of the Month: Jim Bowen!

This month will be totally Super, Spastic, Japseye for those born within the influence of Jim Bowen.

The 14th will bring fear and pain as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse decide to pop round for tea. Famine will bring along a splendid cake however.
Typical Jim Bowenarians like the smell of burning fat and tasting the love. Medical complaints include, Myxomatosis, Hydrophones, Searing Cock Mustard and Mallards of the BumDrum.

Your lucky number is: 180!!!

Warning: Astromological readings provided by Russell 'i'm getting treatment for that rash' Crowe.


Anonymous Tony Maloney said...

This is Bully-Bullshit. Yeah, the four horsemen came round alright but the cake was totally inedible due to it being made entirely of dry and fruitless earth. Death nicked my wallet as well, and I thought you couldn't take it with you.
It was a terrible afternoon.


Anonymous Vagina Lady said...

I had these fuckers round too and now my lounge is covered in Horseshit. Makes a pleasant change from Cat urine though.


Anonymous Mandy Bunglebonce said...

I was so shocked when Death came knocking that my BumDrum fell out. It has cured me of my excessive Mallards of the Bumdrum which is a nice suprise. I thought they were all thoroughly decent fellows and they all wiped their feet before coming in. Brilliant.


Anonymous Pat Quim said...

I was born on the cum-cusp of Jim Bowen. Is this why I hate the smell of burning fat and have never been able to taste the love?


Anonymous Mrs C Elizabeth Cavanagh said...

Jim's a wonderful man, I won a blue nissan micra on Bullseye, after I let Mr Bowen sniff my quim.



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